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17 March 2021 - 19 March 2021
6th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum

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NREA TOOLKIT: A Guide for National Renewable Energy Associations

(2021-03-19 ǀ 14.00 hrs UTC+1)

The NREA Toolkit: A Guide for National Renewable Energy Associations has been developed by GOGLA and SolarPower Europe with the support of GET.invest and Transforming Energy Access for Households and Improved Livelihoods Programme (TEA), funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), and in strategic partnership with ARE

This toolkit has been developed to provide guidance to existing national renewable energy associations (NREAs) with a comprehensive and practical resource to help strengthen their efforts in supporting the growth of the solar energy sector, and guidance to those considering establishing a new NREA.

[Read the Toolkit here]

IDCOL Solar Mini-Grids: Frontier Energy Investment in Bangladesh

(2021-03-18 ǀ 15.30 hrs UTC+1)

Bangladesh is now swiftly moving towards its target of 100% electricity coverage for all by 2021. As on date, 99% of the people have been brought under electricity coverage with total power generation of 24,982 MW. However, when the target was set by the Government back in 2009, the power generation capacity of the country was around 4,942 MW. 

In this backdrop, to supplement Government’s target of 100% electrification by 2021, IDCOL initiated the Solar Mini-Grid project initiative in 2009 to ensure the supply of clean electricity to the off-grid islands and remote rural areas where grid electricity may not be expanded within the next 5 to 10 years.

[Read the full article from IDCOL here]

Mlinda’s Rural Electrification Project is a Catalyst for Sustainable Businesses at the Local Level

(2021-03-18 ǀ 15.20 hrs UTC+1)

Mlinda’s rural electrification project provides access to 24/7 good quality electricity. This is the catalyst for villagers to build financially and environmentally sustainable businesses. Mlinda facilitates this by providing financing for productive machinery and business support and advice. Existing entrepreneurs act as mentors for new entrepreneurs to provide support and transfer of skills and knowledge.

[Read the full article from Mlinda here]

Energy Storage Solutions for Rural Electrification Development

(2021-03-16 ǀ 21.00 hrs UTC+1)

CEGASA is a well-known European manufacturer in the field of electrochemistry energy storage, leading brand in energy storage and management system, with more than 85 years offering energy solutions.

[Read the full article from CEGASA here]

Electricity for Maji

(2021-03-11 ǀ 20.30 hrs UTC+1)

Using the electric co-op model, bringing electricity to Maji, a rural and isolated village in Western Ethiopia will require more than solar panels and power lines. It will require time, commitment and patience. Learn how the NRECA International team is partnering with the Maji Development Coalition to offer the people of Maji the possibility of a better future.

“Autopilot Your Mini-Grid”, says INENSUS

(2021-03-10 ǀ 11.45 hrs UTC+1)

INENSUS GmbH is a one-stop-shop for mini-grids, providing a full range of services from conceptualisation to implementation and operation using the latest technologies. Keeping up with the digitalisation drive, INENSUS has come up with a solution to “Autopilot Your Mini-Grid”. Our experts will be speaking at the 6th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum on innovative business models that incorporate digitalisation.

[Read the full article from INENSUS here]

Off-grid Access to Energy: The Mobilisation of the French Sector

(2021-03-10 ǀ 8.00 hrs UTC+1)

Since 2018, the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME) and the French Renewable Energy Trade Association (SER) have co-led a national working group gathering more than a hundred energy access French stakeholders (public agencies, private companies, associations and NGOs, researchers, French regions, etc.) to accelerate the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG-7) and ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. In October 2020, the working group published its first deliverables: a white paper on off-grid access to renewable energy and a brochure presenting the French know-how in this field that will be regularly updated.  

[Read the full article from ADEME here]

The Way Forward to Sustainability: The Role of Private Investments and Obstacles to their Deployment

(2021-03-09 ǀ 19.00 hrs UTC+1)

Africa will play a primary role in the achievement of SDG-7 by 2030. Nonetheless, its potential is widely unfulfilled: only 2% of the renewable energy capacity installed in the last 10 years has reached the African continent and approximately 36% of its population does not have access to energy.

In order to fill the gap and ensure affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, 300 GWs of energy capacity should be made available for energy consumption. To do so, investments play a crucial role, however local public funding does not offer sufficient capital, and utilities are in a situation of high fiscal deficit: according to the “Connecting the Dots” study carried out by RES4Africa Foundation, out of 39 countries in Sub-Saharan region, only in Uganda and Seychelles public utilities are managing to cover both the capital and operating costs of their power plants.

[Read the full article from RES4Africa here]

Meet the Winners of the ARE Awards 2020   

(2021-03-09 ǀ 18.00 hrs UTC+1)

9 March 2021 – The ARE Awards 2020 paid tribute to the most effective initiative and/or project implemented across six categories, as a means to highlight the clean energy access results achieved by the most passionate and innovative actors in the sector, as well as to further increase their impact by sharing latest knowledge to new stakeholders. 

After careful analysis of the 77 applications received, the ARE Jury, formed by volunteering experts from AfDB, IRENA, GET.invest, REEEP, REN21, SACREEE, SEforALL TAF and UNIDO and led by Claudio Pedretti (ARE President) as chair, was delighted to make the final results public to the world last year.

[Learn more about the ARE Awards winners here]

ARE 6th Energy Access Investment Forum Goes Virtual on 17-19 March 2021   

(2021-03-03 ǀ 17.00 hrs UTC+1)

3 March 2021 – The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) is excited to announce that its flagship annual event, the 6th Energy Access Investment Forum (EAIF), will take place virtually on 17 to 19 March 2021. The event is supported by ARE’s longstanding partner GET.invest, a European programme supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria.

[Read the full press release here]


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