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17 March 2021 - 19 March 2021
6th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum

Recordings & Presentations 

On this page you can find not only the recordings of our event but also direct links to the presentations in pdf format. 

Day 1 of the Event: 17 March 2021

Welcome remarks & keynote speeches

Presentation: Welcome Remarks Day 1

Session I: The green rural recovery: Building a flourishing decentralised renewable energy sector in the wake of the pandemic

Session II: Fast-tracking investments through integrated decentralised electrification policies

Presentation: Session II

Side Session I: How the Energy Catalyst is using collaborative innovation for SDG7

Presentation: Side Session I


Side Session II: Green People's Energy session: Partnerships as a pillar to support off-grid renewable energy solutions in rural communities

Presentation: Side Session II

Side Session III: Launch of the Africa edition of the O&M Best Practice Guidelines

Presentation: Side Session III


Closing Remarks - Day 1

Presentation: Closing Remarks Day 1


Day 2 of the Event: 18 March 2021

Opening remarks and presentation of the ARE Africa Desk

Presentation: Opening Remarks Day 2

Session III: Pitching session - Funding opportunities for DRE companies

Presentation: Session III

Session IV: Productive uses of decentralised renewable energy in rural communities: Innovative business models

Presentation: Session IV

Side Session IV: Innovative technologies to scale finance for DRE projects

Presentation: Side Session IV

Side Session V: Opportunities and status quo of decentralised renewables in Zambia

Closing Remarks

Presentation: Closing Remarks Day 2


Day 3 of the Event: 19 March 2021


Welcome Speeches

Panel discussion: Setting the scene - enabling NREAs: Private sector champions for an energy secure future

Overview presentation of the Toolkit

Presentation: Overview of the Toolkit


Advocacy, Membership and Securing an Enabling Environment


Advocacy Membership and Securing an enabling Environment


The role of effective partnerships in ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of NREA activities

Presentation The role of effective Partnerships


Concluding remarks & invitation to upcoming trainings

Presentation: Closing Remarks Day 3

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